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Petrichor is the smell that emanates from the earth just after rainfall,

Petrichor is one of my favourite smells,

 Not only because of its pleasantness,

But also because of its symbolism in my life,

Even when everything is gloomy and melancholy I always have something to look forward to

After the storm there is petrichor

After any storm in my life there must be something positive, there must be petrichor   

Anonymous asked: Do you want to go to university?


yes I want to go to plymouth to do art and media 

plays I have never with group of friends

me:I have never orgasmed
*everyone turns to look at my boyfriend*
Anonymous asked: I realised how creepy my last ask sounded haha, it wasn't in a pervy way, I'm aiming to lose weight and I'm shaped like you (just a million sizes bigger) but I think you look perfect so was just curious :) xx


Awh it’s fine that’s really sweet. I was feeling poo about my weight recently but this makes me feel a million times better. Thank you x

Anonymous asked: What clothes/bra size are you?


I’m size 12 uk and I have 34 c’s

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